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Welcome to UK Sports Massage 

At UK Sports Massage Huntingdon we work with marathon runners, horse riders, footballers, rugby players, cyclists, tri-athletes, tennis players, skiers, badminton players, kickboxers, boxers, weight lifters, body builders, military personnel and amateur/professional athletes from most other sports. Over the past several years we have been pleased to work with members of the Peterborough United Football Club, Cambridge Women’s Running Club, BRJ Running Club, Wimbledon Training Coaches, London Marathon Runners and many other sports clubs in the Cambridgeshire area including the RAF many of the local American Army Bases.

All Sports Massage Therapists are trained in Anatomy and Physiology Sports Massage Level 3-4 working from Huntingdon Spa overlooking the river and opposite England's Largest Meadow Portholme. 

UK Sports Massage provides effective treatments to release muscle tension and restoring balance to the musculoskeletal system. UK Sports Massage treat injuries and provide pre-event and post event massage.  Sports Massage is used to help cleanse the body of excess lactic acid, ease knots, maintain muscle and ligament elasticity avoiding unnecessary stresses on joints. This prevents muscle soreness this helps you recover faster, giving you the ability to train just as hard the next session. Treatments may also include peripheral and spinal mobilisation, exercise rehabilitation and electrotherapy (ultrasound).  Please see Sports Injury Treatments http://www.uksportsmassage.co.uk/Sports-Injury-Treatments.html

The team:

Kerry Brocklebank NVQ Level 3 has 10 years experience as a sports injury specialist and sports massage therapist for both professional and amateur athletes including the RAF and U.S. Military. Kerry also manages and provides therapies at  Huntingdon Spa home of UK Sports Massage. Kerry is available 7 days a week.

Sophie Thornton Sports & Exercise Therapist BSc Level 6.  Sophie has 4 years experience with Football Players and Marathon Runners cleansing the body of lactic acid and providing sports injury treatments. Sophie is available 7 days at UK Sports Massage and Mobile Covering Cambridgeshire.


John Nicholas is a Level 4 Sports Therapist and has been working in the sports and fitness industry for many years. From a young age he always enjoyed sports, fitness and training. Throughout his youth he played sports for many teams; football, rugby and martial arts. While studying the subject in school, completing Physical education qualifications and sport BTEC qualifications. From there his passion grew and the learning never stopped, gaining a huge depth of knowledge in regards to the human anatomy, understanding muscle functions origins and insertions helping to become a better therapist. He has worked as the personal sports massage therapist for Bedford Ladies Football Club, providing them with treatments to both recover and prevent injuries.

Tanya Lewis BSc (Hons) Equine Science, Dip A Phys, ASSVAP, IAAT. Tanya has over 20 years’ experience working with and owning her own horses, and therefore understands the challenges that the horse owner faces. Tanya has successfully trained horses from youngsters through to advanced level dressage.  Tanya also has experience of agility from competing her dogs in Rally Obedience as well as fostering many different rescue dogs, and volunteering for dog rescue charities. Tanya is a member of both the International Association of Animal Therapists (IAAT) and the Association for the Scientific Study of Veterinary and Animal Physiotherapy (ASSVAP). Tanya is in the process of completing Sports Massage Level 3.

 Reece James (Ex-Army/PTI) Mobile Sports Therapist Level 4 she spent 9 years in the British Army and was a qualified Army Physical Training Instructor (PTI).  Reece is available weekdays at UK Sports Massage and mobile covering East Anglia.



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